You are invited to join the Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation in ensuring the continuance of St. Joseph/Marquette Catholic School.

Ways to Give

Annual Giving Campaign

Annual giving is a year-long event that invites the Foundations benefactors, St. Joseph/Marquette's alumni, current parents, past parents, and friends to participate financially in this annual drive. Historically, the Annual Fund Drive begins in February with a letter sent out from the Foundation requesting funds that will benefit the general operating budget and school subsidy. Annual funds are generally unrestricted, although, we certainly will honor our benefactors' request if they choose to restrict their funds. In the past two years, the annual fund has raised over $120,000.00. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Visionary Circle: $25,000
  • Benefactor: $5,000 ($413 per month)
  • Sponsor: $1,000 ($83 per month)

Planned Giving

A gift to the Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation is a sign that you share with us the belief that we are partners in helping to educate young minds and hearts with a Catholic education. Your gift can be in the form of cash, appreciated stocks, gifts of life insurance, or bequests.

Giving in Memory/Honor of

Many donors wish to remember loved ones that have gone before us with a donation to the Foundation in lieu of flowers. A letter is sent to the surviving family, notifying them that such a gift has been received. Donors may also wish to remember friends, families, and loved ones on special occasions with a donation in honor of them.

Grant Writing

The foundation is constantly researching corporations and foundations that would grant monies to St. Joseph/Marquette. The school received a grant from the Cahalan Foundation that went towards the St. Joseph's Big Toy.

Planned Giving

Donors may use this means to name the foundation in their estates, wills and as a beneficiary in insurance policies. Assets left to the foundation in this matter are not subject to estate taxes. Some gifts could be appreciated securities, real estate, and CDs. Another way donors could choose is a charitable remainder trust, but considering the ongoing changes that occur in this field, please check with your financial advisor on this option.


These are separately designated funds that are invested for the long term benefit of the school. The Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation has two such accounts: Account C has $1.284,300. and account D has $1,318,294. The endowment accounts principal is never spent but all interest and income from the endowment is given to the school in the form of a subsidy for general operating expenses to keep tuition low.