Who We Are


The Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation (SRB) was established in October 1989, by a group of St Joseph Marquette parent volunteers. At the time, the bingo fundraiser that was providing tuition assistance to school families that were in need and that fundraiser was in jeopardy of being lost. In recognizing and experiencing the importance of a Catholic education and the excellent job that St. Joseph/Marquette has done and continues to do in the Yakima Valley, the separate non-profit corporation was formed, and the bingo fundraiser continued.

Since then, SRB has not only continued the bingo operation, but has expanded fundraising operations by giving supporters an opportunity to help financially and join in the mission…..”for the continuance of St. Joseph/Marquette Catholic School.”

In addition to the annual subsidy for tuition assistance of $350,000 per year, SRB also has helped with the capital necessary for improvements to the physical site to include the Mercy Building. And most recently to help with the capital campaign for remodeling and updating the school buildings.

The Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation is a private non-for-profit (501) (C) (3) organization, (tax id # 91-1466527) whose sole focus is the continuance of St. Joseph/Marquette Catholic School.

Affiliate Organizations

How We Benefit the School

Providing a $350,000 annual subsidy to St. Joseph/Marquette for operating expenses to help with tuition for all families

Providing additional tuition assistance for families in need

Supporting the Parent Club in its fundraising events

Producing and publishing the Legend newsletter quarterly to keep alumni up to date with what's happening at St. Joseph/Marquette

Producing and publishing the Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation Annual Report

Producing and publishing the School Calendar

Working interactively with the School Commission and Parent Board to stay current with school projects and needs

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