Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation

The Legend

Each quarter the Sister Rebecca Foundation publishes The Legend to keep friends and alumni of the St Joseph/Marquette school informed. Each issue of The Legend includes school news, alumni news, recent donations, and a calendar of upcoming events.

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Recent Issues of the Legend

Fall Legend 2018

Winter Legend 2017-2018 (8927K)

Summer 2017 (8927K)

Winter 2016-17 (8927K)

Fall 2016 (788K)

Spring 2016 (3.0M)

Winter 2016 (7.2M)

Summer 2015 (3.9M)

Winter 2014 (3.9M)

Summer 2014 (7.2M)

Spring 2014 (8.5M)

Fall 2013 (6.9M)

Spring 2013 (6.2M)

Winter 2013 (4.83M)

Summer 2012 (738K)

Winter 2012 (732K)

Fall 2011 (732K)

Summer 2011 (732K)

Winter 2011 (732K)

Spring 2010 (732K)

Winter 2010 (602K)

Summer 2009 (602K)

Summer 2008 (602K)